Engineering Services

Product Design / New Product Development

We add / enhance the value of products, reducing development cycle time and cost through our Machine designs, Mechanical drawings, Assembly and Part Drawings,
BOM (Bill of Materials).

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Concept Design / Feasibility Study

Comprehensive conceptual design and feasibility studies help clients clearly define their work scope, mitigate risks and progressively improve certainty. Help unearth crucial insight into client’s project’s viability by enhancing its technical definition.

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Drafting & Detail Engineering

2D Drafting captures all the geometric features of a product, providing all the info the manufacturer can use to make that component created according to standardized practices. Accurate and error-free detail engineered designs based on client’s needs.

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Engineering Change Management (ECR / ECO/ ECN)

Provide efficient and well-structured change management services that provide traceability and governance of changes throughout your product lifecycle.

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Application Engineering Support

Help in fabrication, operation, application, installation, and/or repair of mechanical products. Designs, develops, and tests all aspects of mechanical components, equipment and machinery.

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Value Engineering Services

Help clients to improve the functionality of their products by understanding the design variables so that we clearly define the types of enhancements that must be made to the product.

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Legacy Conversion (2D to 3D)

Help clients convert their legacy paper drawings and blueprints to Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and maintain them in digital formats.

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Sheet Metals Component Design

2D drawings & 3D CAD models for sheet metal designs for various industries such as Medical components, Machine tools, Automotive components, Industrial equipment and Food & Beverage products.

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Castings & Forgings Designs (Steel / Cast Iron / Aluminum)

2D drawings, 3D CAD models & Pattern Development, manufacturing drawings and legacy data conversion services for Castings and Forgings.

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Reverse Engineering

Help clients discover the technological details of a device, object or system through an analysis of its structure, function and operation which provides valuable inputs to help create a improvised design.

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On-site Support / Deputation for Urgent Projects

Support in On-site support / deputation of manpower supply to client’s Design engineering departments on a project-to-project basis or short-term work. These aim at helping the clients by maximizing the inherent potential of every individual.

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Consultancy and Advisory Services

Provide professional consultations and recommendations on what should be done / what is right to all of our clients.


Other Services

Product Service Support (Assembly / Work Instructions)

PrepareAssembly / Work instructions or procedures that guide manufacturing teams to accurately build, package, label and ship products to the required specifications.

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Digital Service Manuals (Pictorial / Animations)

Offer wide range of technical publications solutions from authoring and creation of basic manuals to development of complex interactive electronic technical manuals both as Pictorial / Animation formats.

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Engineering Document Management

Drawing Management,
Workflow Management,
Document Publish Management,
Client Collaboration,
Interdisciplinary Collaboration.

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Photo Realistic Rendered Product Images / Marketing Brochure

Services that help the clients visualize the products even before their actual build begins to attract their customers.

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Automations / Applications Development for Any Processes to achieve Operational Excellence

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