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Pantograph Engineering Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd. specialises in supporting Engineering Design Activities that is based out in India and covers all our corporate and individual clients.

We are in the mechanical engineering sector to offer Engineering service, Consultancy services and Advisory services to our various clients.

We work towards providing solutions for the problem that, all these years most of the Engineering companies have to use their 80% of their Engineering resources to do day-to-day, non-productive, repetitive activities that reduces their valuable time to work on their core Designs and Development activities.

Our vision as a company is to ensure that we provide solutions for all Industrial problems and that we meet the expectations of our customers so as to ensure that they stick with our company and also refer us to others. To achieve this, we build excellent relationships with our clients and also build the best business structure.

We have the best Technical & Management team who are determined individuals that understand our core values and will commit to ensure that we attain our desired goals and objectives.

Our work ethics are the highest standard and as transparent as possible.


We are extremely expertise and experienced in serving you


Define the scope of work, ensure details available

Understanding Input

Analyse input document, establish clarity

Estimates & Pricing

Estimate time, resources and pricing for the work

Project Assignment

Setting up the right engineering team

Execute Work

Create the output based on input

Final Delivery

Final Model / Drawings shared using client’s preferred method

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